Point Array™ Speaker Technology

Breakthrough in speaker technology

Ambitious Goal

Endow Audio® has an ambitious goal: to allow listeners to hear music as if it were being recorded in their personal listening space. We elevate the level of detail heard in recordings and improve imaging so that listeners can sense where instruments are located within the sound stage.

Finally, we create the experience of great sound across the entire room -- not just in a narrow sweet spot.


A Decade of Development

Successfully developing Point Array™ speaker technology includes an investment of more than 10 years and hundreds of prototypes. We experienced an important breakthrough while experimenting with unorthodox driver arrangements, and began making incremental improvements to each version. We also realized that the typical construction technique of mounting drivers in a wood cabinet would not achieve the precise sound of our goal.

We introduced 3D printing into the development process to allow both rapid prototyping and the creation of complex shapes. We also evaluated dozens of crossover circuits and wire types, since they also play a significant role in clarity and imaging reproduction.

The Final Vision

The phenomenal result of our decade-long quest is our patent pending Point Array™ speaker technology: a complement of midrange drivers mounted in a ring with each driver facing perpendicular to the listening "sweet spot." This arrangement, when combined with the unique shape of the 3D printed horn, results in incredible sonic performance.

The tweeter is in the acoustic center of the midrange drivers, concentric with the midrange ring. This arrangement minimizes tweeter and midrange interference with each other in all directions. The horn is printed with a carbon copolyester that was custom specified by Endow Audio to deliver the necessary rigidity for great sonics.

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    X-Ray of the Point Array™ Speaker Technology