Bravura™ 7.2

Microtower with Point Array™ Speaker Technology
  • Exceptional clarity, detail, and imaging in the sweet spot
  • Consistent sound quality throughout the entire room
  • 7” woofer delivers the power and performance of tower speakers
  • Received a subtle crossover upgrade that brings the crossover's performance up to the level of the Point Array's performance
PRICE: $4,900.00*

*per pair, "Show Pricing"

Our cabinets come in two standard wood veneer finishes: Black and cherry. Please contact Tim at for a custom finish.


The Bravura 7.2 received a subtle crossover upgrade that brings the crossover's performance up to the level of the Point Array's performance.

The Point Array itself has not changed, and the price has not changed.The only thing that changed is improved imaging which we believe you will love.

Small Footprint, Huge Sound

Endow Audio® Bravura™ 7.2 Microtower speakers stand just 21 inches tall, but they deliver the power and performance of many larger tower speakers. Powered by Endow’s groundbreaking Point Array speaker technology, Bravura 7 speakers combine precise on axis imaging with off axis sonics that fill the room to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind listening experience.

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Driven by Innovation

Unlike conventional speakers, which use multiple drivers in a planar arrangement to play different frequency ranges, Bravura 7.2 speakers are equipped with nine 1.5” midrange drivers arranged in a unique ring array design. At the center of the ring, a 22mm tweeter delivers silky smooth highs up to 20 kHz that never sound shrill or harsh.

A dedicated 7” woofer packs powerful low end sonics, while the custom tuned 7” passive radiator port delivers bass all the way down to an F10 roll off of 41 Hz. Two crossovers at 300 Hz and 6,000 Hz ensure a smooth response across the entire frequency range.

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Easy on the Ears—and Eyes

Designed for small to mid-sized spaces, Bravura 7.2 speakers are suitable for a wide range of amplifiers from 20 watt/ch up to 150 watt/ch. Even with the compact size, Bravura 7 speakers offer a deep and expansive sound.

Satisfying with a small form factor and clean design suited to any listening environment, Bravura 7.2 speakers look as good as they sound.

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