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The Best Sound in Your Room.

Announcing Bravura 7.2 and Bravura 12.2!

Both speakers received a subtle crossover upgrade that brings the crossover's performance up to the level of the Point Array's performance.

The Point Array itself has not changed, and the price has not changed.The only thing that changed is improved imaging which we believe you will love.

Endow Audio brings you closer than ever before to the music you love. Our innovative Point Array™ speaker technology delivers exceptional imaging to the primary listening position and floods your entire listening space with premium sound quality.

Our flagship Bravura™ Series speakers deliver true depth and transparency, so you can hear incredible detail and unlock new layers of sound. Listen to your favorite recordings like never before -- with unmatched detail, clarity, and emotion.

Introducing the

Bravura Series Speakers

Available in two models, Bravura Series speakers deliver incredible depth, imaging, and clarity. Compact Bravura™ 7.2 Microtower speakers feature a 7” woofer and 7” passive radiator for even, balanced sound in any setting. Bravura™ 12.2 floor standing speakers feature two dedicated 12” bass drivers for extended low-end in large rooms.

Both models feature the same innovative technology and design, delivering tight and focused imaging in the sweet spot and full frequency response with thundering lows, punchy mids and crystal-clear highs across the entire listening environment.

How Does it Work?

The Best Sound in Your Room

The Point Array was intentionally designed to interact with your room similarly to how a live performer would. Therefore, the Bravura speakers work with your room to create great sonics instead of fighting with the room. While the Bravura speakers will sound better in a room suited for audio versus a less suitable room, we believe the Point Array technology brings out the best sonics a given room can offer. 

See what speaker judge Tom Perazella had to say about real-world experience with the Bravura speakers.

Speaker Judge Tom Perazella REACTS to the Bravura Sound System!

The Bravura 12 Sounds Great — just Ask Darell Shaffer!

At AXPONA 2023 – The Bravura Sound System featuring the 3D Printed Point Array
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    Endow Audio is thrilled to present our innovative Pre-Purchase Home Audition Program, designed to let you experience the extraordinary sound of our Bravura Speakers and Power Package in the comfort of your own space before buying. Interested in Trying Before You Buy? Email or complete the form below to book a personal consultation.

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    Introducing the

    Point Array Speaker Technology

    Endow’s innovative Point Array™ speaker technology uniquely combines the laser-focused imaging of point source technology with the improved coverage of arrays for an immersive listening experience that blankets your entire room with clear, coherent sound.

    Unlike conventional speakers, which use multiple drivers in a planar arrangement to play different frequency ranges, Bravura™ Series speakers are equipped with nine midrange drivers arranged in a unique ring array design. A tweeter at the center of the ring and dedicated low-end drivers converge at the focal point of the array, providing exceptional on and off axis performance.

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    Superior Components & Engineering

    The Bravura™ Series features second generation Endow Audio® speaker technology and represents our flagship speaker line. Each component has been hand selected and meticulously tested to offer superior performance including premium crossover components and wire selection. The result is a bespoke, one-of-a-kind speaker set that shatters expectations for audiophile level sound quality.

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    Hearing is Believing

    We value exceptional, affordable audio speakers, and we have engineered our price point to offer the best value for excellence in the industry. We are so confident that you will love experiencing Endow Audio speakers, we offer a 30 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee on our products. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your speakers, just send them back for a full refund—we will even pay return shipping.

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