About Us


Welcome fellow enthusiasts

Endowing the world with audio speakers capable of reproducing sound quality reserved for live performance is the vision of Endow Audio’s engineering team. The goal is fulfilled with the unveiling of our patent pending Point Array™ speaker technology. Experience original emotion in recordings. Revel in layers of sound. Move without missing the details in the music.

Enthusiastically receiving widespread acclaim with an initial product offering featuring patented off axis performance technology, Endow Audio stirred hope in detail oriented audiophiles for its new technology at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019. In the years since its debut, the Endow Audio team created and now introduce the next generation of Endow audiophile speakers. The result is the Bravura™ Series, our flagship speaker line.

The Bravura 7.2 and Bravura 12.2 speakers improve on the original design of the FS301, with exceptional on and off axis performance, an affordable price point, and a sleek, low-profile design that looks great in any listening space.

Meet the Endow Team


David Strunk

David Strunk serves as the Chief Technology Officer with a vision to develop breakthrough technologies enabling the best sound in your room.

Tim Strunk

Tim Strunk serves as the Chief Executive Officer with 30+ years experience managing technology research, product development, and manufacturing.

Paul Rooke

Paul Rooke serves as the Board Chair with 35+ years of engineering and general management experience including Chairman/CEO and board member of two large multinational technology companies respectively.


Thomas Chalin

Thomas Chalin serves as the Board Secretary with 30+ years experience as the managing partner responsible for product design and manufacturing of a startup that grew successfully to a significant market position.