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Endow Audio

Our passion is to endow the world with the best technology to reproduce beautiful music. Driven by that motivation, Endow Audio created the Point Array and Passive Signal Processor. Endow Audio's first product–the FS301—was announced at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019, with a range of products arriving in the future.

The ultimate goal of music reproduction is to recreate the original performance of the artist, whether recorded in a studio or on stage.  Many factors affect the quality of the reproduced music relative to what the artist created including:

  1. How well the music was recorded
  2. The characteristics of the room where the music is replayed
  3. The characteristics of the speakers
  4. The characteristics of the other system components such as the amplifier, turntable, DAC, streaming, etc.

When embarking on the journey to reproduce music as close as possible to how it was originally created, it was apparent to Endow Audio's CTO, David Strunk, that the element which had to greatest opportunity to improve was the speakers.  The speakers seemed to have several short comings and, in general, there was a dearth of new fundamental speaker technology over the last several decades.  In contrast, the other system components were very advanced and performed very satisfactory.  Further, the quality how well a particular piece was originally recorded was out of the control of the listener.  The listener is left with having to select songs that were recorded well.  And the listening space varied considerably for one listener's domicile to another.   In some cases, treatments could be applied to the room and in other cases, the room would stay as is.  Surveying the pipeline from music being created to reaching the listeners ear in another place at another time, David decided there was significant opportunity in improving speakers.

Assuming a well recorded piece being replayed in an adequate space with a great replay system, what are the attributes of "The Sound of Live Performance?"  Is it really 100% live sounding?  Maybe not since this is a quest.  But, it should have the following attributes as expressed by listeners to Endow Audio's Point Array technology embodied in the FS301:

  • "No hot or cold spots in the frequency response”
  • “Very coherent from the bottom to the top"
  • "The sweet spot is the entire room, not a chair.  Off axis performance is amazing"
  • “Great imaging from side to side, and front to back”
  • "Detail so clear I can hear the emotion of the artist"
  • "I could listen to these speakers all day with no fatigue”
  • “Sounds very natural; the speakers disappear sonically”

So there we have it; seven attributes of a replay system that emulates a live performance.  The benefits to a listener is they can share the great music that sounds natural with others while being mobile in the listening space, perceiving the locations of sound sources, hearing details with clarity across the entire frequency range, and not being fatigued.


David Strunk

David Strunk serves as the Chief Technology Officer with a vision to develop breakthrough technologies enabling the sound of live performance.


Tim Strunk

Tim Strunk serves as the Chief Executive Officer with 30+ years experience managing technology research, product development, and manufacturing.


Pete Mendel

Pete Mendel serves as the Chief Designer with 35+ years of creative product design experience managing graphic and industrial design organizations in a global marketplace.


Paul Rooke

Paul Rooke serves as the Board Chair with 35+ years of engineering and general management experience including Chairman/CEO and board member of two large multinational technology companies respectively.


Thomas Chalin

Thomas Chalin serves as the Board Secretary with 30+ years experience as the managing partner responsible for product design and manufacturing of a startup that grew successfully to a significant market position.