Introducing the


Endow Audio's First Edition speaker
Setting new expectations in speaker transparency and imaging.

Experience powerful audio that envelopes your senses in every crash of the cymbal, every pluck of the string, and every nuanced note.


Product Features

  • Point Array technology (patent pending)
  • Passive Signal Processor (PSP) technology (patent pending)
  • Baffle available in either piano black or walnut
  • Genuine leather cabinet
  • Outboard passive crossover

Product Specs

  • Nominal power handling: 300 Watts
  • Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Peak output at 1 meter: 100 decibels
  • Woofer crossover: 100 hertz
  • Total cabinet weight: 90 pounds


  • 6 Months Premium. Repaired at installed location.
  • 1 Year Extended. Return and replace.

Purchasing Overview

If you would like to bring the Sound of Live Performance to your listening space, this is what you can expect in the process.

  1. Select your system configuration below and add to cart. Included in the system is a pair of FS301 Point Array speakers with Walnut baffle or Piano Black baffle ($1,000 option), the Passive Signal Processor (PSP) selected (Ruby or Sapphire) for each speaker, and the cables to connect the PSP to the FS301. 
  2. After your order is submitted, Endow Audio will reply to confirm the details of your order and provide an estimated delivery date.
  3. A 40% deposit will then be collected to put your system into the production schedule.
  4. When your system is ready, Endow Audio will deliver to your listening space and set your system up.
  5. Upon acceptance of your system, the balance will be due via credit card including any applicable local sales tax.  If you decide not to accept the system, then your deposit less a $500 delivery fee will be refunded to you.
  6. You have 30 days to listen to the Sound of Live Performance and if not satisfied with the system's performance, it can be returned for a refund less the $500 delivery fee.
  7. If you have a question now or at any time, please request a consultation with Endow Audio's CEO, Tim Strunk.



Walnut Veneer, Piano Black

Passive Signal Processor

Sapphire, Ruby

  • Walnut Veneer
  • Piano Black
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby